O lovers of letters, behold the Type Design sessions we’re now offering…

Creative Sessions & Meet-ups

Type Design Intensive

A comprehensive hands-on workshop delving into the processes, best practices, and clever techniques you need to produce your own fonts in an efficient and directed manner. Topics include ideation, sketching & drafting; composition; drawing tools & techniques; vector construction; letterfit principles & application; terminology; font mastering, beta testing and much more. It’s two days of concentrated type learning, with some some nice bonuses included.


The Doodlefest

Prepare to unleash your creative juices! …It’s alright, we’ll lay down a tarp. We’ll also provide drawing paper, pens and pencils. Oh, and snacks and tunes. You just bring your pathological love of letters (plus any cool typographic books or objects you might like to share). The Doodlefest is a no pressure, no judgment way to banish creative blocks, get feedback (as desired), and meet like-minded letter geeks. (It’s also recommended as a precursor to the Type Design Intensive.) All skill levels are welcome!


Type Design Guestship

One day you’ll tell your grandkids, ” I once had a residency where I relaxed in a mid-century lounge and received expert guidance on my type. It was marvelous!” They’ll instantly know you mean the Type Design Guestship (’cause you’ll have repeated this same story 22 times). But yeah, our Guestship is an immersive, customizable program. A rare opportunity to go deep on a type project: anything you’d like to explore / refine / publish. You set the objectives and our experts provide the expertly expertise all along the way.


Technical Sessions

Adventures in Vectorland

Vectors / outlines / contours / paths / Beziers / wiggle-thingies. Call them what you will, my friend, but know that working with them is a truly specialized skill. Some say it’s an art. (That’s us, we say it.) This hands-on session goes deep on the subject, covering basic principles and drafting techniques, ingenious hacks, and a whole lot in between.



Sure, your letters are the loveliest in all the land… but your negative space is putting out negative vibes, man. Thankfully our Letterfit(ness) session is here to show you how to hone the spatial aspects of your type. Interested in improving your typesetting chops, o graphic designer? The theory, methodology and optics components of this session will be perfect for you. We promise.


OpenType Feature Coding

Yo, put away your broadnibs and put on a propellor beanie. It’s time to learn about OpenType Feature Coding. From simple substitutions through to complex glyph cycling — plus making sure your features work across all possible applications — this session will set you up nicely. [PS– The propellor beanie brings out your cheekbones.]


Expert Font Mastering

Fonts are software, and software is all about technical precision. When it comes to producing tip-top fonts, it’s critical that your files and data be airtight, optimized, compliant and compatible. This session goes surgical on the core aspects of font mastering, including vector proofing, encoding, meta data, vertical metrics, rendering, and more.



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