The Doodlefest

Prepare to unleash your creative juices! …It’s alright, we’ll lay down a tarp. We’ll also provide drawing paper, pens and pencils. Oh, and snacks and tunes. You just bring your pathological love of letters (plus any cool typographic books or objects you’d like to share). The Doodlefest is a no pressure, no judgment way to banish creative blocks, exchange ideas, and meet like-minded letter geeks. All skill levels welcome!

DETAILS  The Doodlefest has no set topics or objectives, other than to enjoy letters. It’s pretty much an open-ended hangout where you’re free to play with different ideas / letterforms / techniques / tools. Exchange ideas with other folks. Or just focus in on a single concept you’ve been wanting to explore. Not sure what to do? We’ll set you up with some drawing exercises. Think that you “suck at letters?” We say bosh! There’s no judgment here, but we’ll happily provide some guidance if you’re interested. :: The Doodlefest is also recommended if you’d like to develop an idea you can use for the Type Design Intensive.

DRAWING MATERIALS  We have lots of paper, pencils, pens and other tools. We also have specimen books and style-guides to enjoy and be inspired by. :: And we invite you to bring any favorite tools or books you might have!

FONTBAKE! Doodlers are invited to contribute experimental letters to a collective (and commemorative) OpenType font, which everyone will then receive. Materials and instructions provided. Fun, easy, wholesome.

U+BINGO We’ll be playing rounds of Unicode Bingo throughout the evening. Join in for a chance to win some awesome(ly ridiculous) prizes, all while celebrating the beauty of written languages from around the world.

ENJOY snacks and refreshments; free type-inspired art cards and goodies. Wi-fi and other amenities also available.

HOSTS  Rod / James / Chiharu

FORMAT  Open session / hangout. Ok to arrive late. Kid friendly.

SIZE  Fourteen spots. Early RSVP recommended.


Alphabetic Order
at PSY/OPS Type Foundry
944-8 Market Street, Studios 504–505
San Francisco CA 94102 [map]

Conveniently located near Powell Street BART, MUNI & Bikeshare. Several parking garages nearby, including Mission/Fifth, Ellis/O’Farrell. The nearest is across the street on Mason, at Hotel Metropolis ($20± flat rate valet). Street parking is not readily available in this area. :: Bikes can be locked in the basement of our building. Ask the lobby guard for details.

TERMS & CONDITIONS  Please read our Terms & Conditions before participating. Contact us if you have any questions.

Friday, Oct 23, 2015 | 4–8pm
Email us to reserve a spot