Type Design Guestship

The Type Design Guestship is an immersive study program at our design studio. You set the objectives for your type project. We provide a comfortable work space, expert guidance and a range of resources. The Guestship offers a unique opportunity to go deep on a type project: anything you’d like to explore / improve / publish.

DETAILS  The Guestship flexes to your interests and needs. We can provide instruction in any and all typographic phases, including ideation, sketching and drafting; composition and form; drawing tools and techniques; vector construction; letterfit; hinting; feature coding; mastering & proofing; and licensing. We use FontLab Studio 5 and Glyphs for font development; along with some other cool, specialized tools.

DURATION A typical Guestship runs four weeks, with approximately 15 hours of applied consult and training throughout 72 hours of total studio time. Guestships are flexible, though, so they can be shorter or longer — whatever works for you.

EQUIPMENT For best results, you’ll want to work on your own Mac or Windows laptop, but you’re welcome to use our computers, too.

INCLUDED are an agreed upon number of studio hours and training hours per week; access to our in-house educational resources; a comfortable workspace and associated amenities.

PREREQUISITES  No prior experience with lettering, type design or graphic design is necessary — though it can’t hurt to have it. All skill levels are welcome!

PSY/OPS Type Foundry
944 Market Street, Studio 504
San Francisco CA 94102

We’re located a half block west of Powell / Fifth Streets. BART and MUNI stop nearby. There are several parking garages in the area: Mission/Fifth, Ellis/O’Farrell. The nearest is across the street on Mason, at Hotel Metropolis ($20 flat rate valet). Street parking is not available in this area. :: Bikes can be parked in the basement of our building. Bring a lock; and ask the lobby guard for access. :: Sign in at the lobby before going up to the fifth floor. Our studio is straight across from the elevator lobby.

TERMS & CONDITIONS  Please read our Terms & Conditions before registering, and contact us if you have any questions.

Contact us to get more information on our Type Design Guestship program!

Let us know more about your interests, schedule and any other information you’d like to share. We’ll reply to you right away.