Sure, your letters are the loveliest in all the land… but your negative space is putting out negative vibes, man. Thankfully our Letterfit(ness) session is here — just what you need to hone the spatial aspects of your letterforms and typesetting. The theory, methodology and optics components of this session will help you see letters in a deeper and more nuanced way than ever before.

TOPICS This session will focus on letter spacing theory, principles and methodology; then move on to pair kerning (including an intro to class-based kerning). Before-and-after studies will help differentiate between what works and what doesn’t. We’ll demonstrate letterfit principles and processes in FontLab Studio 5, however, the core visual and compositional principles described will carry across to any setting where you need to set good type.

SOFTWARE We’ll use FontLab Studio 5, the current industry standard for font development. The core principles we talk about same principles carry over to Illustrator and other vector drawing applications.

OPTIONAL Bring A Mac or Windows laptop, preinstalled with FontLab Studio 5 (demo version at minimum; full version if possible) if you’d like to follow along. :: If you have existing artwork you’d like to use for the workshop, you’re welcome to bring it in.

• The two-hour workshop
• Snacks and refreshments
• A selection of PSY/OPS fonts
• Type-inspired art cards and goodies
• Wi-Fi and other amenities are also available on site.

PREREQUISITES No prior experience with lettering, type design or graphic design is necessary — though it can’t hurt to have it. All skill levels welcome!

DIFFICULTY LEVEL Basic to Intermediate.

APPROACH The workshop sessions consist of informational briefs, walkthroughs, hands-on exercises and team-ups with instructor(s). This workshop packs in a lot of information, but it is conducted in an easygoing, conversational manner. Open Q&A is encouraged throughout.


FORMAT Small group session. Two hours.


PSY/OPS Type Foundry
944 Market Street, Studio 504
San Francisco CA 94102

We’re located a half block west of Powell / Fifth Streets. BART and MUNI stop nearby. There are several parking garages in the area: Mission/Fifth, Ellis/O’Farrell. The nearest is across the street on Mason, at Hotel Metropolis ($20 flat rate valet). Street parking is not available in this area. :: Bikes can be parked in the basement of our building. Bring a lock; and ask the lobby guard for access. :: Sign in at the lobby before going up to the fifth floor. Our studio is straight across from the elevator lobby.

TERMS & CONDITIONS Please read our Terms & Conditions before registering, and contact us if you have any questions.

STUDENT PRICING is made available to students actively enrolled in 12 or more units (or equivalent). A photo ID and proof of enrollment will be requested after you register for a class. :: If you are a student taking fewer than 12 units; have graduated recently; are an instructor; or have other circumstances that require special consideration, please contact us to discuss them.

Registration: $40
Contact us if you’re interested in this session. We’ll keep you apprised.