Handwriting stands as one of the most powerful forms of human expression. Whether ornately quilled or breezily scrawled, each person’s handwriting represents a distinct visual testament to their individuality. The Hand-to-Hand/writing workshop celebrates the power and singularity of each participant’s written hand — regardless of style — and uses it as a springboard for various creative explorations.


During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

• Experiment with a wide-open selection of drawing tools — from the familiar to the contrived — to alter, enhance, or otherwise disrupt their natural writing style.

• Take on design challenges that nudge them out of their orthographic comfort zones (such as exchanging or hybridizing writing styles with fellow participants).

• Learn principles of letter craft and composition (readability / legibility, hierarchy, whitespace, pen stress, dynamic balance, and more), and apply this knowledge to create stylized wordmark studies based on personal writing style.

• Get hands-on with some unusual handwritten modalities, including cross-writing, ambigrams, and asemic writing.

• Create a personal sigil or monogram.

• Discover what their writing style says about them graphologically. Graphology, though a pseudoscience, often yields uncanny insights (or at least good fodder for repartee).

• Win offbeat prizes for a wide range of stylistic letter criteria, from the noteworthy to the notorious, the eccentric to the blasé.

• Receive a functional OpenType quick-font based on their handwriting, built using FontSelf.

Each participant will come away with a renewed appreciation for the mix of lines, loops, dashes and dots that constitute their own, and no other’s, written hand.

MATERIALS  We’ll provide assortment of writing materials and tools, but feel free to bring your own favorite pens and notebooks!

INSTRUCTOR  Rod Cavazos is Principal Designer at PSY/OPS Type Foundry. He has designed type systems for world class clients and brands for over 20 years. He is an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts where he’s taught the acclaimed Type Design Studio for over 10 years.

FORMAT  Group drawing session. 5 hours.

Thomas F. Peterson Engineering Laboratory
550 Panama Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-3086

TERMS & CONDITIONS  By registering for this workshop, you agree to (The) Alphabetic Order’s Terms & Conditions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Friday, March 3, 10:30am-4:30pm (w/ 1-hr break)
Location: Stanford d.school
Format: Hands-on writing / drawing session
Status: Closed.